LG Fridge-freezer model GW-L2071FSV Leaking

The fridge-freezer was spreading water across the kitchen floor towrds the Christmas tree and its associated lighting power supplies!

I checked and found that the plastic tube feeding the chilled water dispenser had cracked where it entered the door hinge.

I dismantled everything on the door which unscrewed or unclipped and still couldn't get access to the pipe inside.

While I had it all apart, I sprayed the mould with hydrogen peroxide and cleaned it all away till the mechanism was spotless.

I inspected the cracked pipe under the freezer again. I removed the wire spiral to get a better look. It was well and truly broken.

I slid a length of Polyolefin heatshrink sleeving over the cracked pipe and heated it with a Black & Decker paint stripper gun. However, the heat made the pipe distort and broke the seal.

So I searched my workshop and located a length of narrower pipe, which was a tight fit inside the cracked pipe. I managed to force both ends in and turned the water valve on. All working and no leak!

On reflection, I might have used superglue. However, if the patch pipe falls out or cracks it is very easy to replace. So I'll leave the friction fit alone.

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