Jura Cool Control Model 576

Intertek 4003523


This cooler has a metal cup inside a plastic housing. The plastic moulding is filled with expanding brown foam to insulate the metal cup. The plastic housing parts are clipped and/or glued together and it can not be dismantled.

The Peltier device is clamped between the cup and a large heatsink with fan and the device is hidden by a black foam insulator (see red arrow, below).

The bolts holding the Peltier device and heatsink are buried in the brown foam. Consequently, it is not possible to remove the screws without first damaging (destroying) the housing.

So, I regret to say that nothing - except the fan - can be replaced. It is not practical to repair this unit if anything other than the fan has failed.

This is "barn door" advice (close the barn door after the horse has escaped) but I recommend that you clean out dust and fluff every year and oil the fan bearing to keep it running freely. This maintenance might keep it running longer. Operate it in the coolest place to extend its life.

The lamp is now working again but I don't know how long it will last!

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