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Glue In Electronics

Glue can be useful but it can also wreck equipment, as shown below.

Glue is often used to secure heavier components for transit. The vibration of trucks and aeroplanes can snap the connections so the glue is a useful precaution. The hot-melt glue in the photo is ideal. Once the equipment is delivered, the glue is no longer needed. If you need to remove it you can apply isopropyl alcohol to release it or a hair dryer to soften it.

Some manufacturers use a yellow, petroleum-based glue instead, similar to that sold as "Evo-Stick". This glue turns brown with heat. It becomes conductive and also corrosive. A conductive layer becomes effectively a resistor and allows current to flow where it shouldn't, causing circuit failure.

This resistor was removed from the PCB above. The glue corroded it and caused it to fail.

This type of glue can also corrode component leads and copper tracks.

If you see brown glue, it's best to remove it and check any component or track that it's touched.

Glue can be used to insulate wires where it's not possible to use tape or heatshrink sleeving.

The final joint can be finished off with glue or heatshrink sleeving.

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Last revised on January 6, 2024




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