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Supercaps For Motorbike Starting

Friday, September 30, 2022

I soldered thick, stranded wires to the super-capacitor block, which I'd bought months ago to try to make starting my mobike easier. I left them charging via a resistor. I want to match the bike battery voltage before connecting the capacitor bank to it. Also, I want to see how quickly the voltage drops after charging. (See below.)

The super-capacitor block (see above) had discharged to 10.5 volts overnight so I charged it again for a few minutes.

With the super-capacitor block charged to 13 volts, I sealed it in a plastic bag in the mobike basket and connected it to the battery terminals with red and blue wires. The engine spun rapidly and started at the first touch of the button! It looks like a success but I fear that it will discharge the battery overnight through leakage. We'll see. At 6 pm the battery voltage is 12.8 volts

At 9 am next day, the battery voltage is 12.07 volts. The starter motor whirred quicker than it's ever done and the engine started immediately.

I fitted the capacitor bank more permanently under the seat of the mobike. I wrapped it in a polythene bag and duct tape to keep it dry. I placed a silicone rubber mat beneath it. Hopefully, it won't catch fire in the near future!

March 20, 2024


The capacitor bank is still working perfectly. Even after the bike has been standing for several days in winter, it starts at the first or second push of the button. The capacitor bank is reducing the strain on the battery and the current drain when standing seems to be negligible.

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Last revised on March 10, 2024




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