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Animal lovers - make money while having fun with animals

Audio - Unique Products for Audiophiles
peugeot-307-horn.htm Peugeot 307 horn intermittent not working
All about electrical fuses
HOW TO COMPLAIN about faulty equipment
Repairing Remote Control Handsets
CB Radio information
Coaxial cable quality - which to buy?
How to stop unwanted phone calls in the UK
Get free satellite TV in the USA and Canada
A Satellite TV history
About my father's career in the Royal Air Force during World War Two.
Car alternators
My cars
UK mobile phone numbers changed
Relocation - Tom and Fiona in Scotland as seen on TV!
Why do people shout at mobile phones??
What You need to know about DSLR Video cameras
How to email pictures
Get your Duck Poo email address here
Medion Drive-n-Go Hard Drive Failure
Technical Answers by a Genius

Useful information pages

20 Amp USB Charger
ADSL filter use
Is there an Afterlife?
Installing the B&Q Airforce 9000 airconditioning system
How to connect UK telephone sockets
Amplifier for microphone and music - Quiz or karaoke
Amusing tales of a telephone designer
Make money while having fun with animals
Apple Mac AntiVirus Software
Apple MacOSX How to make safe
Apple Mail Rules OK
Apple Mail Tips
Apple Migration Assistant
Apple OSX - Ripping DVDs for iPod or laptop
Asking for Computer Help etc.
Black & Decker Powersander KA900E Repair
Audio section
Unique audiophile shop
Readers question
Valve radio restoration
Valve grid bias explanation
Audio Capacitor information
Audiophile adjectives
Audio links page
Electric Blanket - How to Fix
External Battery Pack for iPod-Touch
Seat belts in the Vauxhall Cavalier
Brian and Andrew - a place in greece
Browser bookmarks Keep track of web pages
Replacing dashboard bulbs in the Vauxhall Cavalier
Thinking of buying a new TV set?
Capacitor discharge car ignition systems
About me and cars that I've owned
How a car tire pump works
Cat loved snowballs
Cellphone Radiation Shield for Mobile Phone
Vauxhall Cavalier car page
CB RADIO - cb/ (folder)
Roger Bleep circuits
The CB Eprom Data Book
CB Radio FAQs
UK CB Radio repair
Cobra CB radio common faults
A Dummies Guide to Frequency Synthesis
Ham International CB radio common faults
Ham International CB radio VCO block
Preamp designs for CB radios
JOTTINGS on the PTBM121D4X board used in CBs
Confessions of a Rig Doctor
CB Radio repair tips
UK CB radio repair hints
Computer - Beginners Computer Guide
Crete, Stelios cafe Bar in Georgioupolis.
Crystal Set Radio
An index of files relating to electronic design
Design/ (folder)
Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors can fail and cause fires - photos.
A review of the USA designed Capacitor Wizard ESR meter
Designing with Surface Mount Components
Designing with Surface Mount Components
A dummies guide to how EPROMs work
A capacitor ESR table
Information about the Australian "Genie" ESR meter*
What's the difference between AC and DC ?
An LED driver circuit
An LED flasher circuit
A micro-miniature LED torch in a key fob
Read this before you apply for a patent!
A Procurement Specification for Printed Circuit Boards
A pulse driven 555 LED circuit
Quality Control in Surface Mount Technology
555 relay timer circuit
A review of the Australian "Genie" ESR meter *
A dummies guide to Static Electricity (DON'T wipe that Sky card!)
An example of a transistorised voltage regulator circuit
Battery-powered drill conversion for car jack
Ultra Violet light meter
Car Battery Charger Repair
Coping with dyslexia
Dismantle a PC Power Supply Unit for Parts
DSLR Video cameras - What You need to know
Electrical Appliance safety testin
Electrolytic capacitor failure
Electronic Doorbell Driver
Links to other useful web sites
ElGato EyeTV and SKY-Plus SKY+ Digibox PVR
Send me an e-mail
Email scams
Everyone should read this about English Language
Epson Perfection 4870 Photo scanner
Fat or Thin - you should read this!
Fear of flying!
Flock Applicator Project
Free e-books
The Gadget Shop - zugatrons a speciality
MacMice GarageKey USB MidiKeyboard - Apple Garageband
Geothermal prediction
Guitar amplifier - 30 Watts RMS using valves
Stories for girls
Giro 2003 at San Dona di Piave in ITALY
Hard Disc Drive Strategy
Hard Drive Cooling Rack
Healing Honey from Crete
Honda - Just too funny for words!
honda CB500T
honda CB500T more
Honda Jazz Radio. How To add Auxiliary Jack for iPhone iPod music
House Renovation or building a new house?
How digital transmissons work
How to complain about faulty equipment
How to email pictures
How to win an Ebay auction every time
How to write email messages correctly
Insert images_in_appleworks
Immigrants - The Right to Leave our Country
Installing a Primo Ceiling Fan with Remote Control
Installing El Capitan on a MacBook Pro - or how not to!
Interviews - How to be Cool at
Inverters 12v to 230v
iPhone_phishing scam
iPod audio crackling cure
iPod EarBuds - How to Repair
iPod-Touch iCloud password problem - also iPhone
Jura Cool Control Model 576 repair
Keyboard - Protecting your Apple Mac
LaCie Hard Drive Power Supply Fault - Clicking Hard Drive
Lamp - touch switch failure
Lazy Man's Guide to Making Money
LED Brake Light Conversion with Dimmer
LED Lamp Floodlight Repair
LED Spotlamps for Motorbike
LG Fridge-freezer model GW-L2071FSV Leaking
Life is short - get motivated
Lightning and Power Surges - How to protect your equipment against
LPG Autogas conversion of Vectra 2.5 V6 Automatic
Naked Bike Ride 2011
Mac G3 G4 PowerBook iBook Charger Repair Power Supply A1021 A1005
Make Books with Scrivener
Morris Marina
Meat - The problem with meat
Memory - Replacing computer memory safely
Microset Power Supply PTS150 failure
Miele S591 Vacuum Cleaner Repair
Mono-callmaker A single number impulse dialler
MPT1345 specification Radio microphones hearing aids
Noise cancelling earphones
MGE Nova AVR 250 UPS failure warning
National Society Prevention Cruelty to Children
Neon Screwdriver Modification
'Orace's 'air - a monologue
'Orace goes fishing - a monologue
'Orace's 'Oliday - a monologue
OTE conn-x BaudTex router
Outlook Express - About email holiday replies
Pan Lid Repair - DIY
Pay Scale for UK service engineers April 1959
Plug-top Power Supply Units (Wall WArts)
Peugeot 307 horn intermittent not working
Peugeot 307 diesel additive level minimum
Phrases that people searched for in 2007
Pocket LED Torch
Poems by Karlee
PowerBright Inverter Failure
DoPower 1500 Watt Inverter Repair
Recycle plastic containers
Relationship breaking up
Reliable satellite TV receivers?
Renovating Houses for profit
Repair your remote control handset
Repairing damaged MacBook adapter cord
Replace VW Relay 321919505A
Rules for a Happy Life
Sandbach in Cheshire
Search engine links
Sexual Attraction
Signals - Morse, flags, semaphore
Silicone Grease 1
Silicone Grease 2
Silverline Smart Charger
Site build your web
Sky magic eye guide
Slideshow - how to make one with your Apple Mac
SMT design and MLC failure prevention
Smurf figurines make a comeback!
Solder how to
Spam - how to avoid
Walking stick making
The Student Princess
UK Analogue TV switch-off timetable 2005
Tailbone Cushions for coccydinia sufferers
Technics SA-DV290 Repair
Tour de France 2004
Travel Hints
Triumph 2000 MK1
UK Stock Market Draw Scam
USB Microscope
Variable Voltage Bench Power Supply
Vax Rapide V-025 Carpet Cleaner Repair
Vauxhall Vectra 2.5 V6 CDX automatic
Vectra Fitting extra lights to the Vauxhall Vectra
Visit Wales
Volcanic prediction - An economical technique
Walks on Crete and Geocaching
Water in my central heating oil tank!
Web site design principles
Wireless Mouse - Add a Switch
Write an eBook
WW2 About my father's career in the Royal Air Force
Zygos apartments and Internet Cafe in Crete
Osteopathic surgery in South Cheshire
RONNIE HANCOX dance band

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How to Write an eBook

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 Did you know? Sir Alan Sugar, now famous for "The Apprentice" TV series, began trading as "AMS Trading", a name which he abbreviated to simply "Amstrad", although many people misspell it as "Amstard".